“ Snoopy Digital Watch “ DG2000 Extension

スヌーピーウォッチ第2弾。Vague Watch Co. の “ DG2000 “ をベースにしたデジタルモデルの登場です。70年代のデジタルウオッチを表現した DG2000 の盤面にPEANUTS のロゴと横になった Snoopy が描かれます。


The second Snoopy watch, a digital model based on Vague Watch Co.'s "DG2000," is now available, featuring the PEANUTS logo and Snoopy lying down on a DG2000 dial that expresses the digital watches of the 70s. The DG2000 is a digital model based on the "DG2000".
We hope you will take this special product in your hands and check it out.