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VAGUE WATCH Co. では初めてとなる日本製のこの時計は1950年代に某有名時計メーカーが探検家のために開発したモデルを参考に製作いたしました。

モチーフとなったモデルは世界中で広く愛される時計でありますが私たちの時計も多くの方々にご愛用いただきたいという思いを込めて“ Every-One ( エヴリィワン ) " と名付けました。

実用性を重視したシンプルなフェイスデザインが一番の特徴ですが時分秒針は国内大手メーカー製であったり、インデックスや針に使用されている夜光塗料は世界中の時計メーカーに採用されている国内の会社に依頼するなど、 細部に渡って気を配り時計を完成させております。





ケース : ステンレススチール,  [ size:34mm ]
MOVT : 日本製自動巻きムーブメント
風 防 : ドーム型硬質クリスタルガラス
ベルト : ステンレスベルト(中国製) [ size:19mm ]
防 水 : 50m 防水
生産国 : 日本

VAGUE WATCH Co.'s first Japanese-made watch is based on a model developed by a famous watch manufacturer for explorers in the 1950s.

The model used as a motif is widely loved all over the world, and we named it "Every-One" with the hope that many people will use our watch as well.

The most distinctive feature of our watches is the simple face design that emphasizes practicality, but the hour, minute, and second hands are made by a major Japanese manufacturer, and the luminescent paints used on the indexes and hands are made by a Japanese company that is used by watch manufacturers around the world.

The case of the watch is a boy's size of 34mm, equipped with a Japanese automatic movement. The size is not too large and fits well on many people's arms.
The mirror-finished dial, which is often seen in antique watches, is available in two types: black and brown gradation. The black dial expresses a dial that has faded with age.
The gradation that shifts from dark brown to light brown is a gem that was created after many samples were made by a domestic dial maker with a long history.

Please try to take this watch in your hands at least once, which was made with the involvement of many people in Japan.

CASE : Stainless steel, [ size:34mm ].
MOVT : Japanese automatic movement
BODY : Domed hard crystal glass
BELT : Stainless steel belt (made in China) [ size: 19mm ].
WATERPROOF : 50m water resistant
Country of origin : Japan